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Built by BFC Community in October, 2021.

The Hub is open to all, but there are supervised sessions held on the tablets weekly for specific groups, as shown in the timetable.

Roke Telecom

Free internet by Roke

John Peter

John Peter is Community Support Officer for BFC Hub, Nakivale.

Hub Timetable
Day Activity
Monday 9-12 Kids learning, 2-4 Teenage girls, 4-6 Sewing classes
Tuesday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Youths, 4-6 Baking Class
Wednesday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Children, 4-6 Football players
Thursday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Adults, 4-6 Art Classes
Friday 9-12 Children, 2-4 Women, 4-6 BFC staff
Saturday 12-6 Adults
Sunday Wifi open to all

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Come and join the weekly women's group which happens every Friday at 11am-1pm.